Arcon Glas Solutions

Arcon Glas Solutions

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Arcon Glas is a privately held and independent company headquartered in Remshalden near Stuttgart. Founded in 1959 Arcon Glas is one of Germany’s largest and most innovative glass manufacturers with approximately 800 employees and 7 production facilities including our own coating facilities and float works. Alfred Arnold the founder of Arcon Glas is the inventor of the modern insulated glass unit with a flexible edge seal.

One of our unique products is the SOLARLUX A-Series offers a choice of four high-performance, solar-reflective and low-emissivity glass products that can be paired in one building without compromising a color-matched glass façade. This concept enables the architect and façade planner to respond to the requirements of each orientation and level of a building while maintaining a uniform appearance (while one glass type is efficient for the south and east orientations of the building, a different glass type might be more ideal for the north and west orientations). By using different glass products in one building, the requirements for all orientations can be met, and natural day lighting can be increased where necessary.

Another unique product is our transparent ORNILUX bird protection glass which utilizes a UV reflective coating to prevent bird window collisions. Unlike humans birds can see on the Ultra Violet spectrum. If you have a lot of projects with very large and thick tempered units our product TOPVIEW can guarantee these units to be free of anisotropy and maintain the architect’s desired aesthetic appearance.

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ISOLAR ORNILUX® mikado is the world's first bird protection glass that completely dispenses with clearly visible markings and structures. Transparent architectural room and façade concepts thus remain visually preserved and yet do not exclude nature and species protection.

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Despite its filigree, transparent appearance, glass is a very durable and robust material. Nevertheless, there are a few things to keep in mind when dealing with glass, which on the one hand ensure the longevity of the product and, on the other hand, can considerably reduce the maintenance effort.

Arcon Glas Structural Glass

Structural Glass

Glass facades give buildings their individual character. The optical attractiveness is an essential decision criterion. For economic and ecological decisions, the energetic properties of a facade are decisive.

180 standard low e colors • Any custom color and u value • Bird Safety Glass • Giant flat and curved glass • Graded low E coating from VLT 70 - 40 on single glass • No visible Anisotropy



ISOLAR SOLARLUX® microsolar double or triple insulating glasses are characterized by a low Ug value, a low g-value and a high light transmission. Benefits; Low Ug value • Low g-value • High light transmission • Protection against direct radiation • Maintenance-free • Easy cleaning • Partial occupancy possible • Execution of special formats possible • Ideal for use in existing frames (glass renovation)



Modern sun protection is harmoniously colored. Even with discs of different technical properties, no difference is visually discernible. For the ISOLAR SOLARLUX® A grades, this effect is produced by four individual sun protection layers. It is thus for the first time possible to respond to individual requirements by means of windows with different values in the light transmission and in the total energy transmission (g value) within a building, without influencing the optical harmony of the façade.

Isolar Ardorex Arcon Fire


Fire-resistant glazings are prescribed as part of the structural fire protection in the prototype building regulations or state building regulations. They serve to prevent the skipping of fire from one fire to the other. They also protect escape corridors and staircases from fire and smoke to ensure the safe exit of buildings in case of fire.



ISOLAR VISOREX® white has both the positive properties of a highly insulating double or triple insulating glass as well as effective light scattering. The translucent glass optimally uses the incident daylight and distributes it evenly throughout the room without any shadow. The glare from the sunlight is greatly reduced.