Silatec bulletproof glass

Silatec walls of glass

silatec bulletproof glass

Even if regular armored glass is still considered the epitome of safety in some cases: SILATEC bulletproof glass offers so much more security – not only confirmed by all tests and safety standards, but above all in daily practice worldwide. Almost unbelievable: SILATEC bulletrproof glass reliably stands its ground against even the most massive attacks.

Absolutely secure: even against axes, firearms, explosives or car collisions

Silatec Secura

silatec secura

SILATEC security glass is tested almost every day. By burglars all over the world. To date, our armoured glass has prevented far more than 1,000 burglaries. Our burglar-proof glass is tested and certified according to strict standards – including the European standard for armor glass (DIN EN 356) and even stricter standards in accordance with VdS damage prevention.

Silatec Alarm Glass

alarm glass

Visible or invisible: The SILATEC alarm system is integrated into the safety glass, and protected against the effects of the weather. Any attack that causes the glass to splinter triggers the alarm system. The alarm is triggered. Note: "Splintering" of the pane. Nonetheless, no breach is possible. The pane splinters only inside itself, but remains like a wall.

Silatec Anti-reflective Glass

Anti-reflective glass

Anti-reflective glass reflects almost 0% of the arriving light and therefore remains practically invisible. For the perfect product presentation in glass cases, for example, or even for an exceptional look in shop windows. You need to look very carefully so you don't run into them.

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Silatec Product Catalogue

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