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Morgan Solar, Inc. is a Canadian solar power and optical technology company based in Toronto, Ontario. Since 2017, the company has specialized in urban sunlight management, led by its SPOTlight platform. The company also produces in situ IV curve tracers and optical film technologies.​

Morgan Solar SPOTlight Slats

SPOTlight Slats

Clean power, generated on-site at your building.

  • Can be applied as BIPV brise soleils on a façade or as either rooftop or standalone pergolas
  • PV Slats generate up to 25% more energy (kWh/m2 ) than other conventional PV arrays
  • Translucent Optic Slats maximize diffuse light, block glare, and maintain a uniquely open look
  • SPOTlight arrays block heat gain and increase building efficiency, generating energy savings from reduced cooling load
SPOTlight Energy Blinds Prototype

SPOTlight Energy Blinds

​Adaptive spaces that manage sunlight at the facade

  • IoT enabled automated shades that generate power at the window from the incident sunlight
  • Sun-tracking reduces HVAC load by controlling the light + heat entering the space
  • Increase diffuse light and block glare, reducing the need for artificial indoor light
  • React and learn from user behaviour to create functional + enjoyable spaces for building occupants