Exclusive Glass-Stone Solutions

OKASTONE is a beautiful combination of two unique materials – glass and stone. In thicknesses ranging from 0.6 to 3.0 mm, stone veneer can be laminated directly onto or between glass and used as insulating glass in the façade. In contrast to pure stone, OKASTONE offers the strength and load bearing capacities of constructional glass and is comparatively light as well as weather- and dirt-proof. Various types of stone offer a broad range of colors and structures, allowing for an effective misenscene of nature’s unique creations. Standard size: 2520 x 1400 mm. Larger formats and even curved elements are possible.


OKASTONE Glass Stone Solutions

The special feature of OKASTONE is that the thin stone veneer is laminated onto the carrier glass with a surrounding stepped edge. This means that the thin stone veneer is fully integrated into the hermetically sealed cavity of the insulated glazing system. Consequently there are no special requirements in terns of installation, maintenance or cleaning, and the OKASTONE element can be handled just like standard insulating glass. The thickness and type of glass depend on structural and building requirements.

Product Features

Variety of Design and Attractive Aesthetics

  • Especially sophisticated, exclusive appearance
  • The natural stone product makes every design solution unique
  • Three different standard designs available – further types of stone upon demand
  • Solutions with especially hard stone types like granite and quartzite are possible
  • Stone thickness can be adapted to requirements – stone thicknesses from 0.6 till 3.0 mm
  • Curved insulating glass modules possible
  • Especially refined solutions through water-jet cut outs
  • The stone expresses itself differently depending on its thickness and the Illumination: high transparency


  • Long-lasting, maintanance-free and easy to clean
  • Fully recyclable


  • Embedding in a Multifunctional Module (MFM) is possible
  • Partial coverage, cut-out sections and curved panes possible
  • The energy balance of the building can be significantly improved by combining OKALUX HPI
  • In contrast to pure stone, OKASTONE offers the strength and load bearing capacities of constructional glass and ist comparatively light
  • Thermal insulation and solar protection
  • Privacy protection
  • Visibility for birds