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Nathan Allan Glass Studios

nathan allan glass studios

The leading manufacturer of kiln-formed decorative cast glass products in North America, Nathan Allan’s architectural glass offerings provide an endless array of design options and furthermore the ability to customize unique effects.

nathan allan collections

Nathan Allan Classic Collection

nathan allan classic collection

The Classics are for the architect and designer unwilling to compromise the luxurious detailing of hand-made kiln-formed glass.

Nathan Allan Freeform Collection

nathan allan freeform collection

An exclusive array of 3-Dimensional glass surface patterns, unlike any other Architectural glass in our A&D industry. Freeform Glass has deep, clear surfaces, providing elegant design and privacy.

Nathan Allan Josiah J Collection

nathan allan josiah j collection

Our trademark Josiah J Collection sets new standards with the most unique, innovative, and original glass designs in the Architectural Glass industry today. 15 Exclusive glass products to choose from.

bold and vibrant color options

Lucent Glass Design

Lucent is available in 14 Standard Clear Color Finishes. Custom Colors are also available - please provide a PMS color chip or number, and we will be able to match most custom colors. Color finishes can be applied to any glass products.

Gemstone Glass Design

Gemstone Colors use a combination of translucent colors and frosted finishes to create a pearlescent appearance. Gemstone colors are one of the most spectacular cast glass products that we have created.

Duotone Glass Design

Duotone color finishes incorporate two of Nathan Allan’s Lucent colors, on the same panel of glass. The two colors are clearly noticeable on their own, however, there is also the intriguing blend of two colors overlapping.

Pearl Glass Design

Pearl colors reach lofty depths within each texture, enhancing the 3D effect of our artistic glass creations. The soft Pearl finish within each color creates a vibrant, velvety, colorful visual.