High Functionality and Design Flexibility

A variety of creative and functional designs can be realized with the insulating glass OKATHERM without inserts. A broad palette of different types of glass, coatings and build-ups offer protection and supply functions for façade and roof and meet the specific functional requirements of architects and planners for each project. The combination of OKATHERM insulating glass with other OKALUX solutions will also ensure a uniform façade appearance.

Product Features

High Degree of Functionality and Variety of Design

  • Overall energy transmittance (TSET)
  • Heat transmittance coefficient (Ug)
  • Light transmission (Tv)
  • Light reflection (Rv)
  • Noise insulation (Rw)
  • Color rendering
  • UV irradiance value
  • Fire protection
  • Burglary protection and safety barrier
  • Glass sealant
  • Broad spectrum of applicable types of glass
  • Constructional open space design through glass protrusions, models, curved glass or integrated mounting systems
  • 4-pane build-ups are possible depending on the technical requirements
  • The insert-free cavity allows for both very large and especially narrow and light pane build-ups
  • Can be combined with all other OKALUX products for a uniform façade appearance


  • Daylight input reduces requirements for artificial light
  • Reduction of cooling loads in summer, solar gains in winter
  • Fully recyclable

User Comfort

  • The use of daylight and a comfortable room climate create a comfortable atmosphere