Bendheim Specialty Glass

Bendheim Specialty Glass

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Architectural glass fabrication is a multi-step process, requiring skill, knowhow, and time. Bendheim’s skilled workers & advanced production facilities - combining all major architectural glass fabrication processes - ensure the finest quality & on-time delivery.

architectural glass design

Colored GlassDecorative Laminated GlassFlat Glass Retrofit Hospitality & Retail

Row Hotel Lobby

A custom, colored glass wall helps bring a sense of discovery and excitement to this storefront at the Row Hotel, NYC. The eye-catching Bendheim glass appears to dynamically reacts to customers, as it gradually shifts from clear to fully obscuring as they walk past.

colored facade

A major retrofit of The Children's Hospital of San Antonio features a channel glass facade by Bendheim Wall Systems. The vibrant, ceramic-fritted glass units rise along the building's 10 stories and a 2-story-tall 'lantern' cupola.

Campbell’s Soup Glass

Campbell’s Soup

Bendheim worked closely with Campbell’s branding experts to recreate in glass the perfect color match to the corporation’s signature red hue. The result: a vibrant focal glass wall incorporating 5,000 sq. ft. of Bendheim back-painted glass.

Bendheim Architectural Glass Systems

Architectural Glass Systems

Exterior architectural glazing systems for a wide range of applications, from interior partitions & wall-cladding to facades & rainscreens.

Bendheim Specialty Glass

Specialty Architectural Glass

Virtually unlimited architectural glass varieties: back-painted, colored, etched, patterned, textured, mirrored, decorative laminated, channel glass.

Bendheim Channel Glass Systems

Channel Glass

Channel glass is a U-shaped, translucent, machine-rolled architectural glass. Its unique geometry allows it to withstand imposed forces in ways conventional flat glass cannot. Relatively lightweight ¼" (7 mm) thick channel glass can achieve far greater spans than regular flat glass, reaching limitless widths and heights up to 23 ft. (7 m).

Bendheim Rainscreen Glass Systems


As the name suggests, a rainscreen is akin to a raincoat. It protects the building from the elements: rain, snow, and ice. If an elegant cladding material, such as decorative architectural glass is used, a rainscreen can also deliver an added dose of modernity and style. It can be easily attached to the structural walls or floor slabs of a new or old building, creating a protective envelope around it.

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