Insulated Glass

For over 40 years OKALUX has readily turned into one of the international market leaders for functional, innovative and design- oriented production of insulating glass.

Capillary Systems: Overview

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Bird Protection Glass
Bird Protection Glass

ORNILUX has been tested in cooperation with the American Bird Conservancy and the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology in Germany, resulting in a significant reduction of bird strikes compared to standard double-glazing.

As a multi-functional glass, ORNILUX is the only clear glass solution to bird collisions, and is available as laminated glass or a double-glazed insulated unit with a low-E or solar control coating, offering energy efficiency and bird strike protection.

ORNILUX offers a unique and innovative bird-friendly glazing solution-maintaining the aesthetic transparency of glass while creating visual markers alerting birds to a barrier. First introduced in Europe in 2006, ORNILUX is now available in North America.

Bird Protection Glass
Maintain a uniform appearance with different VLT's

Solar control tailored to suit thermal performance needs without compromising a visually compatible and color matched facade for maximum flexibility in the planning and execution of projects.


Pair different solar control glass coatings in Nor th-/South-Facade:
• use A70 and achieve 70% light transmission on the North-Facade for maximum light.
• use A50 and achieve 50% light transmission on the South-Facade to reduce solar radiation.

Pair different solar control glass coatings in Upper-/Lower Levels:
• use A70 and achieve 70% light transmission on lower levels that are shaded by neighboring buildings.
• use A60 and achieve 60% light transmission on upper levels that are exposed to direct sunlight.

Eliminate Anisotropy Distortions within Tempered Glass

Tempered glass anisotropy is a dreaded phenomenon which may look very unpleasant on a glazed facade. Discolorations in the form of ribbons, rings, stripes and leopard spots can have a very significant impact on the visual appearance of a building, mostly in clear sky conditions:

New manufacturing technologies eliminates these distortions, creating the complete opposite situation - no distortion ISOTROPIC Glass

On-demand & Transition Glass

With built-in intelligence, View Dynamic GlassTM automatically transitions between clear and variable tint, providing control over the amount of light and heat entering a building. In all conditions, View GlassTM remains transparent, keeping you connected to the outside world. It’s a simple idea. But one that will revolutionize the way we build.

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Oversized Large & Curved Glass

The largest independent glass manufacturer in Europe providing ultra large CURVED IG Units with U values = 0.4w/m2K. Maximum heat strengthened sizes of 8.85 feet (2700mm) x 13.77 feet (4200mm); double and triple glazed.

Carey Glass has also developed glass bending techniques for visually pleasing, unique building structures. Carey Glass continually invests in the most advanced glass manufacturing machinery in the world, thus expanding the boundaries of curved glass design.

Specialty Architectural Glass

WHY BENDHEIM: The resource for the finest collection of Specialty Architectural Glass since 1927, offering more than 2000 in-stock Bendheim glass varieties & unlimited custom design solutions; tempering, heat strengthen, Lamination, Colour Coating, Waterjet cutting, Edge Treatments, Acid Etched, Clear Textured, Heavy Glass, Low Iron, Mirrored Glass.

LED Glass

A remarkable LED building envelope display expansion from Mediaglass for Art Media and Publicity. Architects and glass façade specialist can provide transparent, crystal clear LED images which are fully integrated within the building design – facades and entrance systems. Occupants enjoy unobstructed views to the outside. Exterior optical displays are highly defined for seamless optimum viewing. Easy patented LED service and maintenance which ensures superior displays without replacing the glass.

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Heat Gain Control and Daylighting Glass

SCHOTT is a multinational, state of the art glass technology group. Sustainable glass solutions for intelligent answers extend the boundaries of architectural glass design – building envelop to interior resolutions; 125 years of improving how people live and work.

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Security Screens

For the past 50 years KaneSterling screens have been providing complete protection for medical facilities, universities, colleges, public schools and public housing developments. Kane Screens are available in 20 different selections. Each choice is available in a wide range of security levels ranging from Level 1 to Level 7

Kaiser / von Roenn Studio Group

Kaiser/von Roenn Studio Group is the leading Architectural Glass designer in America, with over 40 years of industry experience, and recipient of countless design awards.

Their portfolio emphasizes the success of their on-going studio goal to create architectural glass art that promotes the enjoyment of architectural environments.